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What is CFD Fire Modelling?

In complicated structures, where it is difficult to meet prescriptive codes, we are permitted to devise a “fire engineered solution”. We do this by using advanced computer modelling techniques, known as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), often referred to as smoke modelling.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling allows us to create a to-scale model of your building and emulate how fire and smoke might move and spread within the structure. Using data gathered from the CDF models, we can determine safe evacuation times and evidence that our design solutions are safe.

A fire engineered solution must provide the same or better level of safety than that articulated in codes, such as BS 9991, BS9999 and Approved Document B.  Hence, a key part of Vemco’s work is to evidence that our fire engineered solutions work.  


Looking into CFD Fire Modelling in the UK, Europe or USA?

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Non–Compliant Buildings

If you are struggling with non-compliance in your development, such as extended travel distances,  we can provide you with fire engineered solution and the scientific evidence that will secure sign-off from approving authorities (such as building control and the fire service).

CFD Fire Modelling can help to secure your building with the best fire-engineered solution.

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