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Egress models simulate the movement of different types of people who wish to escape from (for example) a burning building.  The modelling software we use permits us to distinguish between people with different levels of mobility and different motivations to move.

For example, in an evacuation from a concert, those close to the stage may be more reluctant to move after securing a position with a good view of the performers.  These varying levels of mobility and motivation can be captured within the model and analysed to create a bespoke fire engineered solution.

We are able to create video simulations of egress models to determine the speed at which the occupants can escape, how they will interact and to understand how queues might form and whether or not panic is likely to ensue.

Example Case Study: Source Bar Club, Rose Yard, Kent

The Source Bar is a night club open 3 nights a week providing live music, high-end functions and private hire. The club utilises a premises occupying two floors as well as an outdoor area (Rose Yard) for live music events.  Patrons view the outdoor courtyard as an extension of the club facilities; hence it is not unusual to see club related activities taking place within the Rose Yard, comprising a tented stage area backing onto a wall of adjacent premises.

Vemco was commissioned to produce an Egress Model to simulate evacuation of the premises and the Rose Yard in the event of a fire and determine whether a naturally managed flow from the yard would occur, or if egress from the Source Bar building would be delayed by groups in the yard.

Plan View of Evacuation:

3-D View of Evacuation:

We were able to demonstrate that the evacuees from the Bar would not be unduly impeded by those in the yard, provided that an alarm was sounded both in the yard and the building at the same time.

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