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Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Vemco fire engineering consultants combine a wealth of industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safest, most effective fire safety solution every time.

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No development is too large

We believe that our continued engagement with several large developers (and architects) reflects the quality and consistency of the service we provide, and our thorough understanding of this specialist area of work.

We provide you with the necessary support to ensure your business is compliant with fire safety legislation and assist in addressing questions from the likes of building insurers and local authority building control.

No development is too small

Our value for money service saves you money in the long-run.  In particular, some of the fire safety engineering work we have done for smaller developers and architects has reduced our client’s expenditure by many tens of thousands of pounds.

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Vemco Consulting is an engineering consultancy company that specialises in assisting developers (large and small) to gain the necessary approvals for their development through the planning and building control process. 


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