Transport Assessments

Highway Capacity Assessments

If you have been asked to assess the peak hour capacity of the highway network as part of a planning application then we can help.

Capacity assessments are normally an integral part of a Transport Assessment but can be requested by the Highway Authority where they deem the impact of a development proposal on a junction to be material.

The industry standard computer software used for the junction modelling will vary according to the type of junction as a guide the following software packages are generally used;

  • PICADY (TRL) for major/minor priority junctions;
  • ARCADY (TRL) for mini and larger non signalised roundabouts;
  • LINSIG (JCT) for signalised junctions;
  • LINSIG (JCT) or TRANSYT (TRL) for linked signalised junctions.

If you need a capacity assessment then contact us.

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Basil Jackson

Basil Jackson

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