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    Our ability to help create an improved sense of place, whilst minimising cost, has produced some innovative scheme designs. Our highway engineer consultants will work with you to provide an innovative highway solution that goes above and beyond. At the same time, highway authorities can rest assured that our designs always comply with the principles of Manual for Streets, or any other relevant design code.

    Site Access Appraisal
    Highway Design
    Highway Standards

    Support to Developers Large and Small

    A Section 278 agreement permits developers to enter into an agreement with the local authority to make alterations to the public highway as part of a planning approval.  Sometimes a developer needs to construct new roads (i.e. within an estate).  In such cases, the developer can transfer ownership of these new roads to the highway authority through what is known as a Section 38 agreement. 

    Our highway engineers undertake a range of projects, both large and small. Whether your project involves the simplest amendment to an existing road, construction of a series of estate roads, or the creation of a brand new junction – we have all the knowledge and expertise you will ever need.

    Vemco highway design consultants use only the most up to date industry software to design your project, including AutoCAD, AutoTRACK, KeySIGN and KeyLINE.  We design any highway infrastructure so that it complies with national standards and Local Design Guidance. 

    Our job is to remove the stress of, what can be, a bureaucratic process, so that you can focus on other important matters, providing thorough highway engineering and traffic analysis services that you can rely on.

    Support to Local Authorities

    We even support large organisations such as local authorities. The ability and knowledge of our highway consultants and our commitment to looking after our clients’ interests ensures that they keep returning to us for future projects.

    We have assisted Councils in:

    • Securing savings to ensure the service stays within its budget envelope
    • Assisting with the implementation of the new Planning and Transportation structure
    • Establishing a proactive and intelligent client function to deliver the Council’s highway service
    • Developing and implementing its service improvement plan

    We have been able to undertake the above in a tough financial environment, and have significant experience working within other customer constraints.

    If your organisation needs similar help, feel free to contact us via email: or phone: +44 1223 646724.

    Highway Capacity Assessments

    Sometimes developers are asked to assess the peak hour capacity of the highway network as part of a planning application. These assessments are normally an integral part of a Transport Assessment, but can be requested by the Highway Authority where they deem the impact of a development proposal on a junction to be material.

    At Vemco Consulting, our highway design engineers use industry standard computer software to model the junction. The software varies according to the type of junction:

    • PICADY for major/minor priority junctions
    • ARCADY for mini and larger non signalised roundabouts
    • LINSIG for signalised junctions
    • LINSIG or TRANSYT for linked signalised junctions

    Why Choose Us

    Vemco Consulting is an engineering consultancy company that specialises in assisting developers (large and small) to gain the necessary approvals for their development through the planning and building control process. 


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