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What is Highway Design?

Highway design is the process of understanding, designing and developing roads and their supporting infrastructure, from the road surface and earthwork to curve radius and beyond.

During each stage of the road design process and during the construction of new roads, the local highway authority is obliged to carry out check and inspections to ensure work is being carried out to a satisfactory standard and in line with health and safety legislation.

The local highway authority is an organisation that is responsible for operating, administering and maintaining public roads. They have a duty of care to maintaining the safety of road users within the road network.


Highway Consultancy Services

As part of the development and planning process, it is inevitable that some proposals will necessitate additional highway infrastructure. At Vemco, we offer the following principle highway design services:
  • Site access, layout, servicing and parking design
  • Site and development feasibility
  • Highway link and junction designs to DMRB standards
  • Temporary staffing requirements of a technical nature
  • Swept path analysis
  • Access layout (including footways)
  • Detailed geometric drawings up to the highway barrier
  • Geometric drawings with horizontal details up to the highway boundary
  • Horizontal alignment – visibility envelopes and vertical visibility envelopes

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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Through the use of state-of-the-art industry software, Vemco is able to complete highway designs to the highest design standards, and in strict compliance with industry standards and legislation. Our highway design engineers primarily use the following CAD software in the design of roads: AutoCAD – AutoCAD is CAD software used to create 2-D and 3-D designs. Vemco uses this software to create 3-D designs of road junctions. AutoTRACK – AutoTrack is a vehicle swept path analysis software. This kind of software is used to calculate and analyse the movement and path of different parts of a vehicle when undertaking a turning manoeuvre. KeySIGN – KeySIGN is an add-on road sign design programme; using industry-standard fonts and symbols, keySIGN allows Vemco to create fully compliant road signs (something about real-time/location) KeyLINES – KeyLINES provides our expert highway engineering consultants with a 3-D, drivers-eye view, allowing them to produce compliant road markings and detailed traffic management drawings. Whether this is an amendment to an existing road or junction under an S278 Agreement or a new network of highways under an S38 Agreement we can help. Our expert highway design consultants carry out all designs in strict compliance with Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) and the Manual for Streets under section 27 of the Highways Act 1980 and all other relevant legislation outlined by the British government.

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