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    The Scottish Single Building Assessment Programme

    The Scottish Government’s Single Building Assessment (SBA) Programme launched in June 2021 with the aim of identifying buildings with external cladding which require remedial works. These Scottish Government funded assessments are to be undertaken on whole buildings, replacing the current External Wall System (EWS) where appropriate. The Government expects that the majority of inspections will show that buildings are safe; however, where problems are identified, assessments will help to identify the scale of remediation funding needed. Our Scotland fire engineering consultants will conduct audits of buildings and create reports to ensure that they are in line with the SBA programme’s regulations. 

    Fire Risk Assessments
    CFD Fire Modelling
    Fire Strategy Reports

    Fire Risk Assessments (FRA)

    Part of the SBA programme involves conducting a thorough Fire Risk Assessment. Scotland’s Government (as of June 2021) require all investigations of single buildings to assess fire risks, and ensure none of the property elements pose the threat of fire or smoke damage. 

    A Fire Risk Assessment helps to identify all the fire hazards and risks present in a building. Completing a proper FRA means that professionals are then able to decide whether the risks identified are acceptable or whether steps need to be taken to reduce or control them.

    External Wall Appraisals (EWA)

    External Wall Appraisals (EWA’s) are a fundamental part of the new Scottish SBA programme.

    Alongside conducting a careful Fire Risk Assessment, fire engineers or consultants must examine the materials used and state of the external walls of a building. This is to ensure they do not pose a concerning risk of fire or smoke damage. 

    EWA’s involve assessments of cladding, insulation, and fire break systems in walls. 

    How we Can Help

    Our project management and fire risk consultancy service involves us working closely with you through each stage of your building assessment process.

    We will alongside your nominated project manager, advising you on every step of the SBA process.

     From knowing when and how to arrange scaffolding, to being on site ready for intrusive surveys and from waste disposal services to contractor resolution and road closures, our experienced Scotland fire safety consultants will assist  you each and every stage of the project.

    With our support, expertise, and systematic managing approach, we will help you make better decisions, avoid mistakes, and accomplish much more. 

    Our project management and fire risk consultancy service is flexible in order to meet the specific needs of individual projects. Get in touch to find out more.

    Contact our Fire Safety Consultants in Scotland

    At Vemco, our staff members understand how complex and overwhelming FRA’s and conforming to SBA regulations can be.

    For many, this will be a new environment, having never previously been involved in fire safety activities. The project manager will be expected to lead the process, and manage a team of surveyors, technicians, access contractors and cladding contractors in order for site investigations to run smoothly.

    If you are unsure where to begin, or simply want to know how we can help, you can contact Patsy Hanson at or call 07789 492 498.

    We will discuss your needs, timeframe and project details with you to design a service that works for you. In most cases, we will work alongside your nominated project manager in an advisory capacity, though we are also able to take full ownership of the management of projects. 

    Why Choose Us

    Vemco Consulting is an engineering consultancy company that specialises in assisting developers (large and small) to gain the necessary approvals for their development through the planning and building control process. 


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