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Here at Vemco Consulting, we specialise in providing fire engineering solutions to building operators and fire safety managers. From CFD fire modelling and egress modelling to fire strategy reports, we offer a high-quality service to all of our clients and are confident that whatever your requirements, we will be able to provide a tailored solution that meets your needs.

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Here at Vemco, we provide a comprehensive range of services targeted at building operators to ensure they are meeting fire safety standards.  

The role of our fire safety consultants is to provide fire safety solutions and strategy for your site. Our team of experts will conduct a fire risk assessment of your building or site and collate a comprehensive report to showcase their findings. This report will demonstrate any potential fire risks within your building and provide solutions. 

CFD fire modelling is an advanced computer modelling technique that allows us to create a to-scale model of your building and emulate how fire and smoke might move within your building. Using the data gathered from the CDF model, we can then determine a safe evacuation route and provide you with a safe fire safety solution. 

Transport Assessment is a necessary part of the highway development process that measures the impact of a proposed development on any adjacent road networks. We are often asked to assess the peak hour capacity of the highway network by the local highway authority so they can judge the impact of the development on nearby infrastructure. 

Here at Vemco Consultants, we are egress modelling experts, Our specialists are able to create a video simulation of egress models that can determine the speed of which different types of people will escape a burning building. Our process allows us to identify any issues in your building that could lead to distractions or an impact on mobility and then offer solutions. 


“ An outcome focused company, Vemco Consulting greatly assisted stakeholders by providing well thought out perspectives and solutions to operational problems constrained by budgetary demands. I would have no hesitation in using this Organisation again. ”
John Holmes

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