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Here at Vemco Consulting, we have provided engineering consulting services to a range of contractor firms on a number of projects. We are trusted to not only improve the safety of designs and manage risk but to also help deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to a range of design problems. 

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We provide a wide range of consultancy services that can be tailored to your individual needs. Such as:

A road safety audit is the process of evaluating a highway development project to ensure it doesn’t present any road safety problems or risks to regular uses of the road. When conducting road safety audits, our auditors take all road users into consideration, especially vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists.  

Here at Vemco Consulting, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing a fire safety consulting service throughout the UK. Our expert fire safety consultants can conduct a fire risk assessment of your site and provide a report detailing any potential fire risks. In addition, the report will also provide a range of solutions to ensure the safety of occupants.  

We often work with contractors working on proposed highway developments to assess the impact on the adjacent roads and provide a tailored traffic engineering solution that reduces any potential risks. Our experienced and expert consultants use state of the art technology to bring our customer’s plans to life to perform a thorough analysis to provide complete peace of mind.

How your proposed site will access the existing highway is something that is vital during a development. Our specialists will work with you to ensure that your design complies with the current standards set out and will identify and design any improvements that are necessary to gain any required approval from the Highway Authority. 


“ An outcome focused company, Vemco Consulting greatly assisted stakeholders by providing well thought out perspectives and solutions to operational problems constrained by budgetary demands. I would have no hesitation in using this Organisation again. ”
John Holmes

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