Service Profile

To understand how Vemco Consulting Services delivers these benefits, it is necessary to understand the concept of our “service profile,” the fundamental mechanism by which the Vemco Consulting models the necessary abstractions of Highways, Traffic, Transportation Management & Services.

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Why choose ISO?

These are international standards ensuring that your products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. They are a benchmark that your customers will recognise and accept. For your business, international standards are strategic tools that improve services, reduce costs by minimising errors and increase productivity.

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Road Safety Audit

The purpose of a Road Safety Audit is to identify potential road safety issues or problems that may affect all users of the highway and to recommend measures to eliminate or mitigate these problems.

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Highway Capacity Assessments

Sometimes developers are asked to assess the peak hour capacity of the highway network as part of a planning application. These assessments are normally an integral part of a Transport Assessment but can be requested by the Highway Authority where they deem the impact of a development proposal on a junction to be material.

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Site Access Appraisal

If you are a developer wishing to promote a new development, how your proposed site will access the existing highway is an important consideration for you.  If the geometry of your access is substandard in terms of width and visibility splays, this will be seen as undesirable by the Highway Authority.

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TRICS Trip Generation Analysis

The Trip Generation Computer System (TRICS®) is the transport planning industry standard software package used for calculating the trip generation potential of proposed developments. This includes traffic (cars & HGVs), pedestrian, cyclist and public transport movements

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