Fire Strategy Reports for Architects and Developers


Fire Strategy Reports for Architects and Developers

If you are carrying out a development (large or small) you may be required to gain approvals for the purposes of structural warranty. Part of that approval process will require you to comply with Building Regulations and produce a Fire Strategy Report.

A Fire Strategy Report assesses ways to prevent internal and external fire spread in order to be compliant with Building Regulations. This can be achieved by adjusting the size of buildings and openings, the distance between buildings and the use of non-combustible materials. The report therefore includes calculations to justify an architect’s design in areas such as smoke control and specification for materials.

For some buildings, Fire Strategy is an after-thought and only addressed after design is complete. As such, some of the client’s objectives can fail to be achieved because retro-fitting a Fire Strategy can have adverse impacts on design and costs.

We have worked on a number of buildings where compliance with codes of practise cannot be achieved. In such instances our fire engineers provide a range of options for our clients to consider.


Whatever stage your development is at and however complex, Vemco Consulting specialises in producing high quality Fire Strategy Reports to minimise costs and maximise your design objectives.

So whether you are an architect or a developer, let us help you secure the necessary approvals for your building. Call us now so we can talk through your requirements and provide you with a quote.

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