Services Profile


Services Profile

To understand how Vemco Consulting Services delivers these benefits, it is necessary to understand the concept of a “service profile,” the fundamental mechanism by which the Vemco Consulting models the necessary abstractions of Highways, Traffic and Transportation Management & Services.

Vemco Consulting Services is competitive not only as a company, but at the level of each specific service. Regular benchmarking ensures that services are always in the top quartile of the relevant market.

Our competitive price, performance ratio is achieved partly through Vemco Consulting presence and partly through its own ability to outsource certain services. These “make-or-buy decisions” enable Vemco Consulting to optimize its mix of in-house production and outsourcing as it regards to quality, cost and efficiency so that we can always offer Vemco clients competitive services.

Boosting Productivity While Lowering Costs

Vemco Consulting supports partnering companies as a strategic partner along the entire value chain, constantly ensuring efficiency enhancements through innovations and process improvements. This results in cost savings and makes a lasting contribution to the Vemco’s Partner solution.

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