The Perfect Driving Test – Best Test Centre, Time and Day For Passing

Learning to drive can be one of the most time consuming and stressful times in our lives, and when it comes to passing the actual test; that can seem impossible for some. Although most of the time passing your test comes down to multiple factors on the actual day, there are some steps you can take that could potentially increase your chances of passing. We’ve compiled data to show the top driving test centres across the UK with the highest pass rates, as well as the most successful time slots to book your test, and the best day of the year!

Key Findings

  • According to the calculator, August the 4th is the best day of the year to take your test with a 50.33% chance of passing. 
  • The 26th of December (boxing day)  is supposedly the worst day of the year to take your driving test with a 39.55% pass rate. 
  • Valentine’s day is the holiday with the lowest pass rate at 33.23%. 
  • Llandrindod Wells test centre in Powys was previously labelled as the best place to take your test, however, it has announced its closure this year. 
  • Crieff in Perthshire has been named the best place to take your driving test in the UK with a first-time pass rate of 74.5%.

The 'Perfect Driving Test'

We’ve taken into account multiple different factors and compiled data to show the best day to take your driving test, as well as the best time and the best place to take it in. The results show that the ‘perfect driving test’ would be taken at Creiff test centre in Perthshire on August the 4th between 7pm and 9pm.

Crieff Driving Test Centre, Perthshire tops the list of centres with the highest pass rate in the UK.

Here's Where You Should Avoid

10 UK Test Centres With The Lowest Pass Rates

Tips For Passing your Driving Test First Time


  • As pass rates can vary significantly, it is sometimes worth travelling to a neighbouring town with a higher pass rate so be sure to ask your instructor about any centres they might recommend, or do some research before booking your test. 
  • Once you’ve selected your chosen driving test centre, spend time driving around the routes and learning the roads so you feel comfortable on the day. 
  • Although you can choose many things such as the time and place of your test, there are some things you simply can’t control, such as the weather. Learn to safely drive in different weather conditions so you’re confident to drive; rain or shine. 
  • Have a lesson immediately before the test, not only does this give you some last-minute practise but it can also calm you down and get you into the swing of things before your actual test begins. 
  • Turn up to your lesson at least 20 minutes early and make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep beforehand so you’re fully alert and prepared. 

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