TRICS® Trip Generation Analysis

What is TRICS®?

The Trip Rate Information Computer System or TRICS® is an interactive database and data analysis system consisting of a large number of survey records of developments across a number of industries and uses.

The software is used by the transport planning industry to predict transport impacts of new developments and to calculate the potential for the trip generation; including traffic (cars & HGVs), pedestrian, cyclist and public transport movements.

Launched in 1989, and run by six county councils in the South of England, the TRICS® database contains over 7,150 multi-modal directional transport surveys covering over 100 types of development; and is collectively known as the TRICS® Consortium.


The TRICS® Consortium annual collection programme covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, across 17 defined regions. Annual data collection programmes run by TRICS® ensure the database is updated quarterly to provide accurate and relevant data.

Vemco use information from the TRICS® database in our full, detailed Transport Assessments and Transport Statements.

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