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    Transport Engineering Consultants

    Transportation engineering involves the planning, design, operation and maintenance of transport systems so that they are safe and efficient. We work with transport and planning authorities across the UK to satisfy their officers that we understand the interaction between infrastructure, vehicle use and driver behaviour.

    Our specialist reports and transport risk assessments set out transport issues relating to your specific development and determine any impacts that may be caused by your scheme. We will investigate all forms of travel to and from your site, as well as any relevant accident history, road and footway conditions, etc.

    Our transport management consultants use their understanding of how transport systems work as a whole to help demonstrate how your scheme complies with legislation. We do all this whilst remaining true to your specific project objectives.

    Leave us to deal with the approving authorities, so that you can get on with other important aspects of your development. Rest assured, your transport engineering project is in safe hands.

    Road Traffic Engineering Consultancy

    We have a team of experienced traffic engineering consultants that come from a local authority background. As such, they understand what is required by approving authorities when dealing with traffic design issues.

    Traffic engineering design includes signal improvements, junction designs, road signs, street lighting improvements, pedestrian crossing facilities and many other infrastructure facilities often seen on our roads. Our knowledge of how such facilities can be brought together to deliver effective traffic engineering solutions gives us the edge over our competitors.

    You can rely on our experience and expertise in modelling and designing to engineering schemes that work effectively in the real world to change traveller behaviours and meet scheme objectives.

    It may be that you require a scheme that incorporates bus priority measures, or traffic signalisation, or traffic calming, or traffic surveys (and much more). Regardless of your needs, our transportation engineering consultants will deliver a cost-effective and workable scheme on your behalf.

    Road Safety Audits

    As well as designing your traffic scheme, we can also provide you with a road safety audit of your scheme. Our road safety audits identify potential road safety issues that may affect users of the highway, then recommends measures to mitigate these problems.

    Such transport risk assessments are sometimes requested by a UK highway authority where proposed changes to a road layout are likely to be significant. In these instances, it is important to remember that a Road Safety Audit is not simply a check that the scheme meets design standards.

    All our Road Safety Audits are undertaken by an audit team independent of the transport engineering design team. Audit team members are certificate of competency qualified, with one being a fellow of Road Safety Auditors.

    We undertake Road Safety Audits at four stages; namely:

    Stage 1 – Completion of preliminary design 

    Stage 2 – Completion of detailed design

    Stage 3 – Completion of construction

    Stage 4 – Monitoring (12 months and 36 months)

    We undertake site visits, which are a specific requirement of the Audit, using both daytime and night-time visits which are usually required in the later Audit stages.

    Any audits we undertake will comply with GG119 (formerly HD 19/15). So, if you require a UK Road Safety Audit, feel free to contact us so we can provide you with a proposal and an estimate.

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    Vemco Consulting is an engineering consultancy company that specialises in assisting developers (large and small) to gain the necessary approvals for their development through the planning and building control process. 


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