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    The Audit Team comprises of a minimum of two people with appropriate levels of training, skills and experience in road safety engineering and/or collision investigation.

    We are experts in road safety engineering, if you require a Road Safety Audit, get in touch for more information regarding proposals and estimates

    Our specialist road safety auditors undertake Road Safety Audits at four stages; namely:

    Stage 1: Completion of preliminary design

    The first stage of a road safety audit takes place following the completion of the preliminary design. At this stage our expert auditors will seek to ascertain:

    • If road can be accessed and used safely
    • That the proposed site has adequate drainage
    • Pedestrian and cycle routes are provided where appropriate

    We provide you with the necessary support to ensure your business is compliant with fire safety legislation and assist in addressing questions from the likes of building insurers and local authority building control.

    Stage 2: Completion of detailed design

    Upon completion of the detailed design stage, the road safety auditors complete the second stage of the audit. At this stage the audit team will assess:

    • Levels of visibility
    • Layout of junctions
    • Road signs, carriageway markings and lighting

    Stage 3: Completion of construction

    The third stage of a road safety audit is carried out upon completion of the new road and prior to its opening for use as a public highway. During this stage of the road safety audit process, we will invite representatives from the police, the local authority and the appropriate highway maintenance body to inspect the completed works.

    At stage 3 of the audit process, we consider:

    • Local alignment
    • Any design changes which occurred during construction
    • Visibility

    Stage 4: Post opening monitoring (12 months and 36 months)

    During the first year in which a highway improvement scheme is open to traffic, our expert auditors conduct monitoring of:

    • Locations of personal injury collisions
    • Personal injury collisions which appear to have a common cause

    Collision monitoring reports seek to identify any problems with the construction/ design of the road, so that they can be rectified as soon as possible; reducing the likelihood of further incidents. These reports are conducted at 12 and 36 months following the opening of the new road, and submitted to the appropriate authoritative body.

    When completing a road safety audit, we undertake site visits, which are a specific requirement of the audit. Vemco undertake both day time and night time site visits; which are usually required in the later Audit stages.

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    Vemco Consulting is an engineering consultancy company that specialises in assisting developers (large and small) to gain the necessary approvals for their development through the planning and building control process. 


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