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All Roads Should Focus on their Communities

The Social Community Matrix is a tool that helps you understand the type of community you are  working with, whether you are dealing with an internal community or an external community or both. Your project should FOCUS on the communities who will be using your products or services.

Benefits of the Social Community Matrix

  1. Allows you to quickly define the right type of community profile;
  2. Enables globally dispersed organisations to gather collective intelligence from their teams; and
  3. Accelerates product development by increasing focus on the most important issues.


Focus refers to the objective of the community. You can use the community in an open-ended way to help set the direction for your company with the input of community members. This is what is known as community problem-focused.
Examples of problem-focused questions:

  • What should be our primary product development focus for the next year?
  • What technology do we need to work on today to support our five-year roadmap?
  • You can also use the community to derive specific solutions to an articulated problem. This type of community is solution based

Examples of solution based questions:

  • How do we increase product performance by 30%?
  • How do we reduce product cost by 10%?


Participation refers to identifying the right community members. A basic measure of participation is the degree to which it is open to those outside the organisation, often called an external community.

How does Vemco Consulting Create a Social Community Matrix?

  1. Clearly define the desired outcome of the community (problem-focused vs. solution based)
  2. Determine the appropriate scope of participation (internal vs. external, narrow vs. broad)
  3. Identify on the Social Community Matrix the type of community you should create to optimise your results
Basil Jackson

Basil Jackson

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