Vemco Design Concept

Vemco Design Concept

A design concept gives the project a focus and helps to move it toward a specific direction. There are many elements in a highway project for example, and each involves a number of separate but interrelated design decisions. Integrating all these elements to achieve a common goal or concept helps the designer in making design decisions.

Some of the many elements of highway/road design include:

  1. Number and width of travel lanes, median type and width, and shoulders
  2. Traffic barriers
  3. Overpasses/bridges
  4. Horizontal and vertical alignment, and affiliated landscape.

Having a multidisciplinary team can assist in establishing a design “theme” for the road or determining the existing character of a corridor that needs to be maintained. Design consistency from the perspective of physical size and visual continuity is an important factor when making such improvements, and a multidisciplinary design team can assist in maintaining that consistency.

The earlier the multidisciplinary team is formed, the better. As with the public, various professionals need to be involved in the decision making process early, when they can have the most effective impact on the eventual design of a project. In this way, it is possible to avoid having to force fit aesthetic design treatments, such as landscape treatments, as “addons” to the project to try to “pretty up” a design that isn’t quite right or one that is unacceptable to the community.

The opportunities for landscape architects, architects, planners, urban designers, and others will be enhanced, and the chances of a successful project increased, if their skills are utilized from the beginning. A multidisciplinary design team may consist of some of the professionals listed in the figure below, in addition to highway engineers.

TEAM-fig 1-1

Using a concept approach helps to achieve a holistic design for the project. Using the surrounding context and public input to guide the development of the concept helps to ensure that the project is in harmony with its surroundings and that the elements of the project are in harmony with each other.



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